Dos lámparas en una casa frente la playa, y el mar en el horizonte



In South America, a small great country is located between Brazil and Argentina, where the days pass as silent as its rivers and gentle hills.

Uruguay is a place where the weather is pleasant all year round and there is no environmental pollution. The climate is temperate with mild winters, lots of rain, helping the fertile lands to produce and export. It is a small country geographically, but with a lot of diversity. It has the widest river in the world, the Río de la Plata, which extends to the east along a coast of great natural beauty and exceptional views. The combination of simplicity and luxury surrounded by nature that makes this place even more beautiful and an attractive place to invest.

Uruguay is considered the least corrupt, least violent and most literate country in South America.

Uruguay has the best infrastructure in the region with quality housing, good transportation service, medical care, and free education for its citizens.

With a high-quality lifestyle at affordable prices, the cost of living in Uruguay is 40 to 60% lower than in the US and the European Union, mainly due to the low-cost service sector.

Uruguay was the first country in the Americas to digitize its telecommunications network, and has full coverage of mobile telephony and high-speed Internet.

Uruguayan public schools provide a computer for each child and universities are free. Development and progress are seen everywhere in this country of 3 million people with small towns that are surrounded by farms and gentle slopes.

The pleasant oceanic climate and seasons of the southern hemisphere make Uruguay an ideal vacation or retirement destination and an especially attractive place to build a second home or invest.

Uruguay beaches, tourism, residence, rental and sale of houses, apartments, farms and cattle fields in the best locations for production. Punta del Este has been chosen as a unique destination for tourists around the world.


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